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the flash so nice, you loaded it thrice

just wanted to say that

show don't tell

the animation, as usual, is absolutely brilliant, but for me the narration kinda killed it

your other movies were so beautiful in how the visuals stood for themselves

the narration in this seemed kind of cheesy, like something from a bad nature film, and for me just detracted from the experience

i do like that you are trying to look at Bitey as a dynamic, emotional character, but if you could find a way to show this through visuals, it would be much more powerful!


i approve

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it looks like effort went into this, but it playing this game just never became a pleasurable experience. the main reason is that the ball moved way too slowly. it was impossible for both the player and the computer to miss, resulting in a dull and endless volley. also, in traditional pong, the opponent is on the other side. its kind of a comforting tradition...

...the music is great though, im gunna look this eric skiff guy up...

SHE-DID-IT responds:

Yeah for some reason when i uploaded the game the ball moved much slower....

You = God

This game is sheer brilliance. Please make more like it.


Best. Game. Ever.

That being mutually understood, even this masterpiece of ultimate godliness is no without a few minor problems. Firstly, some of the backgrounds have this glitch where the wrong parts of the scenery pop out in front of the characters in the wrong problems. Jump up and down under the blimp in the alien - hominid level and ull see. Also, if you make the source code available to the public, it would be INANITY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the source code available!

NegativeONE responds:

Haha, nobody wants to sift through my shitty Actionscript 1.0 code.

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hah listen to my piece "too funny" we're on such a similar wavelength on the drums (at least in the beginning). like actually i'm not trying to advertise its just kinda alarming. anyway 4.5/5. it's sick but just needs something other than drums to be a 5/5, which i can tell you understand from your comments so... yeah good job

KittenBeat responds:

But this isn't a song. It's not made to be listened to like a song. It's made for other advanced producers who need ideas or just like to listen to this kind of step-by-step thing.

But, thanks anyways. I'm glad you liked the minimalism of it. :P

i can tell there's a lot of talent behind this but still can't listen to it for 7 minutes. seems like it needs vocals at least.

360ghost responds:

vocals and demo recoridng are coming shortly

Real potential here, I'm glad you're still working on it though. High point for me: 1:42 - 1:52. Love the rough texture of the lead synth against those chirps, and the sturdy, mid-tempo breakdown vibe. For me personally, this is more in-your-face than the faster parts. The pads don't have as much flavor as the lead and beat, at the intro/spacier points you sorta lose me (and I generally love spacey ambient music), i think the sounds/melody's on the pads are a little too vanilla, maybe play around with em some more? 3/5 7/10 for now keep it up

Kaskrin responds:

I'll get working on the pads, I also need to unclutter the fast bits, seems a bit muddy at some points. Thanks for the advice man, I'll make sure you dig it when I'm 100% finished.

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pretty... can i use it in a video game?

fuckin nice...

really cool piece! can i use it in a video game??

haha neat...

can i use this in a video game?

little sacks of water

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